Fashion Pure K
Sometimes, love is a kind of feelings;
Sometimes, love is a kind of the pursuit of quality.
When feelings with quality, and there will be how to spark?
DK Audio music charm interpretation Wang Shishang pure k k song;
Crowds, jointly interpret early summer most IN STYLE.
Place oneself among them, everyone will be the entertainment life of Kings!
Keep free from the constraints of The Times, the perfection of the pursuit of perfection.
With inner courage across the achievement, chasing the next great.
We do not cater to tide, insist to be a leader.
Project name: sichuan dazhou Wang Shishang pure k k song
The clubhouse area: 3000 square meters
Number of rooms: 41 rooms
Product configuration: LV, RX series speakers, MVP, MK series power amplifier
Completion time: in April 2016
Undertake unit: Ken enterprises in sichuan dazhou service ?