1、new audio circuit structure, the high is exquisite the lowfrequency is strong especially on the detailsof sound with perfect performance. super Strong dynamic tracing ability makesfar/near distanceeasy pick up charge
2、a new concept of digital pilot technology, completely solve KTV rooms each string frequency phenomenon,never string frequency
3、configuration has the noise suppression function circuit, debugging easier
4、automatic search no interference channel function installation more convenient
5、free tolimit output maximum volume adapt to the range
6、UHF frequency band, phase-locked loop (PLL) frequency synthesis 100*2channel, channel spacing 250 KHZ
7、superheterodynesecondary frequency conversion design, have extremely high receivingsensitivity
8、rf partadopts multilevel high-performance medium filter, good anti-interferenceability
9、the first intermediate frequency acoustic filters the second intermediate frequencyuse level 3 ceramicfilter, very good to improve the anti-interference abilit
10、especiallythe mute circuit design, completely eliminate the microphone turned on and offthe lmpactof the noise
11、the microphone adopts unique design of booster battery down does not affect thehand cannot
12、theideal environment for operating radius of 80 meters, suitable for all kinds ofrequirements
13、have adjustable adjustable transmission power and noise threshold after receiverpanel is set
externalnoise control knob, can be in 10 meters
14、accordingto need Flexible setup effective radius of operation between 80 metres
15、have irautomatic frequency function, can make the microphone to work fast synchronization andreceiver channel
16、with thefunction of simulation pilot, can effectively solve the false receiving noise

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