A wonderful review of the 2018 Frankfurt exhibition in Germany
Frankfurt in April, in this beautiful season, in this beautiful season, in 2018, Frankfurt, Germany, Prolight + Sound light and sound exhibition, an international light and sound feast here continued to be staged! The Frankfurt stage lighting and sound technology exhibition (Prolight + Sound) has been held since 1995. It is a year, this time from the professional audience, dealers and professional users from all over the world. The exhibitors at the site exchange discussions and stop to enjoy, and many booths are crowded with people.
The OUTLINE of Italy (Ou Lang) has been presented with many new products and star products, attracting many exhibitors.
Its emphasis on the introduction of the top SUPERFLY double 10 inch line array, greatly improving and changing more convenient collocation, to have a greater range and strength, is very suitable for large and medium-sized performances, indoor and outdoor sports venues and large and medium-sized bars and other places.
And another heavy STADIA series of sound boxes can meet the acoustical challenges, such as large indoor and outdoor venues such as stadiums, arena and amusement parks, which have high efficiency and high sound pressure level and super distance range, which can provide a light and economical for the fixed installation of large venues. Effective integrated solutions have simple, efficient, powerful, precise and targeted design and configuration.
In addition, its new NEWTON series central signal processor, using a number of technologies, including 4 into 16, 8 into 16, 2 into 16 and other models, can easily and quickly deal with complex and large performance.