American Radian’s President Visiting DK Enterprise
On Mar 10th, 2013, Mr Richard , the president of Radian-American loudspeaker supplier, came to DK Enterprise, and communicated on product technology, business and future planning, building a good foundation for kindly cooperation on cutom business.

Mr. Richard had been invited to look round DK Business Center and talked about present new international developing of high-quality entertainment audio with Ms. Queenie who is the Purchase Director, and also made some new plans for international trade. Moreover, Mr Richard gave his affirmation on DK’s professional team and impeccable after-servise system.
Besides, Mr. Richard showed Raidian’s new products , shared design idea and deeply discussed researching and products’features with ALSD who is DK’s R&D director.
With this pleasure and sincerely conversation, RADIAN and DK reached a consensus and strengthened their relationship, which has important and profound influnce on increasing core competitive and high technology of DK Audio and further expand both dometic and foreign market..