Italian B & C professional speaker horn supplier comes to visit


    The global director of Italian B & C professional speaker horn supplier Mr. Ron Tizzard visitedDK Audio to discuss the related cooperation with DK chief leader on 29th of May in 2012.
    This is the third time of Mr. Ron Tizzard’s visiting to DK. In 2011, the two parties had gained preliminary agreement about the customized unit issues B&C though many times adjustment in technology. Mr. Ron Tizzard experienced the whole speaker system’s effects. He agreed it and concluded: This system not only express the unit’s best effect, but also makes integral listening feeling more and more international with the harmonious collocation between louder-speaker box and amplifier in the whole system. Mr. Ron Tizzard also visited DK Audio’s representative entertainment projects and had a better understanding about the products needs of Chinese entertainment market.
   In the following time, the two parties will focus on the research and development of new customized units. With deep discussion and various communications, both sides hope to gain broader cooperation and expect the new customized units come out.